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Legal notice

The content of the website of the Black Sea Renewable Energy Coalition (BSREC) is put together with care. However, errors cannot be completely ruled out. CSD therefore accepts no liability for the currency, correctness and completeness of the information posted on this website.

Content posted on this website containing information about legal provisions, organizational affairs or other topics is drawn up to the best of our knowledge and with great attention given to accuracy. In the event of inconsistencies, the current official version as published in the relevant official journal is the valid version. Recommendations, information and legal notices posted on the website are intended as guidance only and are not a substitute for professional legal advice.

CSD reserves the right to change or discontinue its website at its own discretion at any time and without notice. CSD has no obligation to update content posted on the website.

Access and use of the website is at your own risk. CSD is not responsible for and accepts no liability for damage of any kind – including direct, indirect, accidental, foreseeable or subsequent damage – allegedly caused by or associated with access and/or use of this website.

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Where not otherwise noted, the copyright for the text and images posted on this website is held by CSD. The text, text components, images, tables, videos and graphic material may not be reproduced, circulated or otherwise used without prior permission from CSD, except when content is explicitly made available for such purposes.

This disclaimer is part of the website linked to this page. If parts of this text or certain wordings are not, no longer or not completely in line with current legislation, it will not prejudice the rest of the document in terms of content or validity.