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Bulgaria MPs Draft Bill for Black Sea Wind Turbines

A significant legislative proposal has emerged as MPs unveil a draft bill aimed at harnessing wind energy in the Black Sea, specifically near Shabla. Anticipated to revolutionize the region, these power generators carry promises of substantial investments in Dobrich’s infrastructure, job creation across municipalities like Shabla, Kavarna, Balchik, and Dobrich, and crucial strides toward national energy independence.

Statistics reveal that current onshore wind turbines operate only about 46% of the year. However, the offshore wind potential in Bulgaria‘s northern Black Sea coast surpasses a staggering 116 GW. In Shabla alone, an estimated 6 GW of capacity could swiftly emerge in the coming years, ensuring Bulgaria‘s energy self-reliance, assert MPs.

To safeguard tourism and preserve the natural ecosystem, plans outline situating these wind turbines at a distance of 20 to 50 km into the sea. This strategic placement aims to mitigate any adverse effects on tourism and the environment. The proposed legislation is poised for adoption in January 2024, marking a crucial milestone in Bulgaria‘s energy evolution.