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MPs present draft bill for building wind turbines in the Black Sea

MPs have presented a draft bill for the production of wind energy in the Black Sea near Shabla. It is expected that the power generators will bring investments in infrastructure to the Dobrich region, new jobs in the municipalities of Shabla, Kavarna, Balchik and Dobrich and energy independence of the country.

Current onshore wind turbines operate during 46% of the time of the year. The offshore wind potential in the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast is over 116 GW, it was reported. In the Shabla region alone, at least 6 GW of capacity can be built in a few years, which would guarantee the energy independence of the country, MPs say.

The project is for the wind turbines to be built at least 20 to 50 km into the sea, so that they do not have a negative impact on tourism and nature. The law is expected to be adopted in January 2024.