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Winds of Change

Offshore Renewable Energy for a More Secure and Resilient Central and Eastern Europe

Offshore wind energy in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is bound to become the cornerstone for accelerating the coal phaseout, strengthening energy and climate security, and enabling the transformation of the industry. The European energy sector is under pressure to swiftly align with the long-term net-zero targets but not at the expense of the system’s resilience and competitiveness. Offshore wind energy stands out as a powerful alternative to fossil fuel-based energy supply in countries with access to the sea, which also has strong financial and institutional support from the European Union. Offshore wind deployment carries large technical, economic, social, and environmental benefits, making it an attractive investment option for the CEE region. This report provides an overview of the potential and progress in offshore wind energy development in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia, while identifying the main policy measures for overcoming the governance and technical obstacles for its unlocking.