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WG 3 Enabling Infrastructure

WG3 tackles the challenges of developing the enabling infrastructure for offshore wind energy deployment. This group focuses on enhancing the Black Sea region’s transmission grid, the ports’ capacity, and the supply chain management, facilitating the functioning of offshore wind energy projects.

Objective: Evaluate the needs and opportunities to enhance the support infrastructure for the emerging offshore wind industry.

Discussion points:

  • Mapping infrastructure needs aligned with countries’ offshore wind energy deployment plans;
  • Assessing the impact from the implementation of the EU Grid Action Plan;
  • Issuing statements, opinions, and feedback on national and EU grid development plans;
  • Evaluating financing needs for offshore wind energy enabling infrastructure
  • Matching the financial needs with available funding sources/calls;
  • Proposing potential cross-border projects;
  • Developing plans for port modernisation.

Anticipated outputs:

  • Regional roadmap for infrastructure reinforcement of the offshore wind industry